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James Hipkiss


In January 2016, I will set off from Freetown in Sierra Leone on my Bajaj BM 150CC Expedition bike and head east towards Mombasa. This is a fact finding expedition to establish how civil war and the bush meat trade has impacted Wild life and to meet with individuals and organisations that are putting in effort to try and save some of the animals listed as being endangered.This Expedition will be split up into 4 chapters with Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Ivory Coast being the first, this chapter will take approximately 60 days to complete.

I am funding this first chapter myself with the hope of obtaining a grant once the data and footage has been publicised. If there is anyone interested in obtaining more information about this Expedition or would like to possibly join me then please feel free to email me at robgrinham010169@gmail.com and I will gladly share my plans with you.