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Walking the length of New Zealand: Te Araroa. Needs team mates and advice

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

When walking through New Zealand's mountainous areas some time back on 3-5 day walks, I never liked returning to the towns and just wanted to get back into the wilds. So after meeting someone linking them together into a 6 week trek with hellicopter drops for food, I vowed to return....one day....Since then the Te Araroa trail has been formalised through the whole of the country, North and South. So with a career break and lust for getting out there, I am looking at doing this trail. However I'm also exploring other ways of walking the South Island, e.g. to get more of the mountains along the south west coast.

I'm keen to hear from people who have done such long distance treks with tips, as much as from those who think they may want to do something similar or even this trail itself in December 2014.