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Cycle New Zealand

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I am considering cycling around the south Island of New Zealand for 4- 6 weeks. I am familiar with doing similar trips as I have cycled solo 2000 km around Tibet. However this time I don't really want to go it alone. I am not cycling fit as yet, as I will only start training if I decide to go ahead with the trip. It pretty much depends on flight costs, I am looking to buy a return flight for no more than 800. You will need to have your own bike, equipped with panniers. I plan on selling mine after the trip to save the hassle of bringing it back (if I can).I am a laid back experienced traveller, and would like to explore some of the sites on the trip. I am not looking to blast my way around the south Island. I am specifically interested in visiting Mount Cook, as I am hoping in future to climb this peak.I will probably carry scuba fins, snorkel and mask, so I dip in and explore the sea life too.If you are interested in this adventure please email mearboculturist@gmail.com

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