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Great Salmon Tour I am seeking team mates/partners to plan and realise a set of expeditions to document the global diversity of salmon species; the threats to these species; and the personal, social, and cultural connections that people and communities have to native salmon fishes. The expeditions are half scientific and half informational. The informational part is to produce media products that enables audiences to experience this cultural and biological diversity as the expeditions enfolds. The Great Salmon Tour is a project to document through expeditions the diversity of salmon fishes and the cultural and social connections that local communities have to these fish. The hope is that by telling this story, we can show how biological diversity is important not only as a concept but as part of our own cultural diversity and well-being. By letting audiences follow us on our expeditions, we can contribute to the conservation of salmon biological diversity, the sustainability of local communities, and the protection of freshwater streams and lakes. At a time when so many environmental organisations concentrate on exotic species and tropical habitats, it is time to bring the focus on our own world, the Temperate Northern Hemisphere. There are no other species that can tell the story of biodiversity loss in this region better than the many species of salmon fishes. The ambition is up to us. The output can be anything from travel blog posts to a full series of documentary films for TV.