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"The Munga" Million Dollar Mountain Bike Race

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

The World's First Million Dollar Mountain Bike Race.Teams of Two Race Non Stop for 1000km in December 2015 The first three teams to cross the finish line split $1 000 000. The race is limited to teams of two. There is no seeding and anyone can enter. Everyone starts in one bunch at the same time. The race is non-stop, so just one stage. The first team to cross the finish line wins $ 750 000.The second team to cross the finish line wins $ 100 000. The 3rd team wins $ 50 000. The 4th team through to the 10th team each win an entry into next years race. Finally, there is an Underdog prize of $100 000.Every team that finishes the race within the 5-day cutoff period goes into a draw for this prize. The top three finishers are not eligible for the underdog prize. You see, we recognize what it takes to be out in the field that long. We know what its like, to dig deep when you are crying and the dust in your mouth is mixed with blood and sweat.Push. Dig deep. Make it to the end and you have a very real chance of winning $100 000. The Munga mountain bike race will begin in or around the town of Bloemfontein in South Africa and will end on a wine farm just outside Stellenbosch. The route will be predominantly off road. The route will be marked so riders will not have to think about navigation. The route will be at least 1000kms, and possibly a bit more. There are five stations along the race route. These are spaced roughly between 150 and 180kms apart from the start. At each of these stations riders will be able to eat and sleep. Riders do not have to stop at the station or sleep for that matter. It is totally up to them. Apart from the five stations riders will also have access to water points roughly every 50 to 60kms. This is an unsupported race so no team will be allowed to have support from outside in any physical form. Riders will have access to a mechanical station in each of the 5 stations. Riders will not have access to a bag during the race, only at the finish. Don't pack a towel as there's no time to shower"