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Fellow walker wanted for 2-day trips in the UK

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I'm looking to do a few short trips to pretty places in the UK for walking. But I don't know that many people who like walking so thought I'd put a call out here to see if I can find anyone who wants to do the same sort of thing.I'm imagining a few two-day trips. I have a book of 'great walks' so would start the research there and then buy the relevant OS map and plan a route. At the time I'm posting this it's May 2014, so perhaps we could plan a trip or trips for some time June 2014 - Feb 2015. I'm especially keen on walking in woodland, by streams or by the sea.I'm not a walk leader or anything, so would be hoping we'd both have some input into where to go and what to do. But I am capable of planning the whole trip myself if necessary, so am certainly not expecting someone else to do the 'work' for me. That's not my intention at all.I am by no means a hardcore, full-on, macho hiker-person, as I have dodgy knees and so have to work around them. I can currently walk up to 6.5 miles involving steep-ish ups and downs, or 11 miles on the flat. We'll be restricted to these limitations unfortunately!I do like a bit of camping, but I'm also a weakling and am not confident of carrying all the camping stuff necessary round with me all day, so would probably book an inexpensive farmhouse or BB to stay overnight in. It is quite nice to have a proper shower as well...If anyone wanted to bring a dog along that would be fine (I don't have one myself).I live in London, so would be travelling from there, but if you live elsewhere that would be fine. If you have a car that's great, as I don't! I'd be travelling everywhere by train. I don't work a Mon-Fri week, so can do trips that aren't just on the weekend. But if you're confined to the weekend that's fine.All I really want is to get out and enjoy the countryside.About me: I'm a book-ish 30-year old admin assistant, working on a writing career.