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Head over Heels 2014

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

In August this year, my friend, Emma Timmis will start running from the west coast of Namibia to the east coast of Mozambique, taking in Zimbabwe and Malawi. Its about 4000km. Emma plans to run a marathon a day. Shell be accompanied at all times by Michael Whitehurst on a bicycle and Ill be in the support vehicle near by.The reason is to raise money for 3 charities: Tusk, The SEED Project and Think Plan Do.We are looking for a couple of team members:1. Someone with knowledge about safari animals in the area. This is particularly important as Emma will be running and possibly attract attention. If you also have local contacts or understanding of local cultures that would be amazing.2. Im not sure we need a 5th person but if you have skills in camera work, medicine, mechanics, cooking, communications, languages, you might be invaluable.You can find out more about our story from our blog or facebook: Head over Heels 2014 or @TeamHOH.