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Timber rafting in northern Sweden June 2014

CommunityJames Hipkiss

I'll be motorbiking and building a 3d pacman and human sized maze in the USA and Mexico from July 2014. Before I go, I'd love to do timber rafting in Northern Sweden in June.

Dates are flexible but it does need to be in the month of June. I came across this: http://www.naturetravels.co.uk/water-sweden-timber-rafting-klaralven-vv58rs1.htmLooking for people who'd love to build a raft, and free camp and explore the river Klaralven.Looking at the website there's a choice of5-day rafting(50km) 2668-day rafting(100km) 319Flights to Northern Sweden work out to be around 150.Uploaded a picture from the website.

I'm a 34 female (motorbiker and lazy roller derby player). Love adventures and just came across this site.

If interested get in touch and let's make this happen. - hootchy_cootchy@yahoo.co.uk