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The Myth of Mustang: Trekking in Nepal

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

We are trekking in Nepal this May here at The Explorer's Passage!

A trans-Himalayan journey through the sacred Kingdom of Mustang.The Story behind this epic Himalayan trek is embedded not only in ancient Buddhist myth, culture and art, but also in the snow-capped peaks, wind-carved canyons and verdant valleys that dominate Nepal's surreal and spectacular landscape.

Welcome to the world of Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava, an eminent Indian sage called upon by King Trisong Detsen in 760 AD to subdue demonical spirits hindering the introduction of Buddhism into Tibet. According to legend, the king's request spurred a heroic battle as Rinpoche pursued these spirits throughout the Kingdom of Mustang and into Tibet, carrying with him the 'great truth,' or dharma, until finally, he prevailed.

A once-in-a-lifetime expedition marked by myth, majesty and mind-boggling natural beauty! Come with us to Nepal in May 2014! Expedition DetailsHost City: KathmanduDuration: 17 Days / 16 Nights Accommodations: 6 Nights Hotel / 10 Nights Tented Camp Pricing$4,500 (5 Guests)$4,100 (6-8 Guests)$3,800 (9-11 Guests)$3,550 (12-14 Guests)$3,450 (15 Guests)

For more information, contact - brian@explorerspassage.com