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Trekking up Tsiafajavona

CommunityJames Hipkiss

I'm off to Madagascar again this time to trek up Tsiafojavona which translates from the Malagasy as 'The place of perpetual mist' or 'Where there is much cloud'. It is the third highest point in Madagascar and not a difficult trek. Previously I've trekked up Maromokotra the highest and Imarivolanitra the second. The terrain is dry jungle and grassland. There are abandoned roads, not possible fora 4x4 but good trails for most of the way and it is a short walk from the end of these. Information is hard to obtain even in the country. I am planning the trek for the first week or so whenI'm in the country and might be trekking further later on. I'm celebrating my seventieth birthday in the country and will be having a rest afterwards. I've visited Madagascar five times before and love the country. It is not an easy country to trek in because of Malagasy laws and customs but beautiful and very different. When I get back I'll finish my book on the country. Also when I get back I'll be happy to give anyone any information I have that might be useful. Wishing all explorers well.


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