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Mont Blanc ascent / Voie de la traversee

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

Dear Explorers Connect lovers! My name is Sebastien Marciak and here is my story. There are so many reasons for why people want to fundraise and for why people want to give.I believe they all have one thing in common: to leave something behind that is not about you. To leave a mark, make an impression, to feel useful, to feel like you are making a difference, to help and just to give without asking for anything back because whether we want it or not it is human nature. It is quite well known that,after a tragedy, people tend to change, realise something they hadnt before or simply just want to do more of their lives.

This is how I felt this summer when my closest friend lost her partner in a brutal road accident down Ayr.23 years old isn't the right age to go and there's definitely more to do for those who stay than wasting time or being ungrateful.Right after it happened, without being able to explain why,I remember saying to myself I am going to climb mountains and the idea turned into an obsession. No such tragedy differs from any other tragedies people suffer but here I am, fundraising for BRAKE (the road safety charity)climbing Mont Blanc by la voie de la traverse; those guys are wonderful and I am really excited to go on this journey for them.I set up a justgiving page, started to tell everybody what I am doing and why I am doing it. I went to the Scottish highlands to train couple of days in the mountains, go nuts at the gym and plan on regularly visiting the magnificence of Glencoe mountains for more training. I most definitely have the bug now!

I have done many outdoor activities but am still fairly new to proper mountaineering. I just wanted to share this project and connect with as many people as possible. I am aware I am not the first one to do Mont Blanc but I cannot wait to be there!I am planning on documenting the climb obviously and write an article about the experience. ...To be the guide who will carry the light at the top of Mont Blanc, so for those who are lucky enough to see, remember those who can't see anymore.

Thank you,

Sebastien Marciak