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Greetings fellow explorers!

On 25 Feb 2014, I would pursue a dream of living life on the open road for 60++ days, astride an adventure touring bike around Indochina. I'd hope to divide my time equally between riding scenic roads and learning more about the local people. This is a solo trip and my survival hinges on awareness, resilience and a generous dose of luck or help from the locals(whichever presents itself first).

My journey will take me from Singapore, through Malaysia and into Thailand. From there I'll meander into Myanmar, criss-cross into Cambodia, Laos, possible Vietnam(iffy at the moment), back into the 1864 curves of Mae Hong Son(Northern Chiangmai) before returning home. It'll all be done on a shoestring budget but don't expect any wild camping. There is no grand objective(I wish there was somedays) other than to survive, experience and perhaps help out along the way.

For now, I'm happy to share my trip via social media and through my writing for Outland Moto and The Star. Come join me on my journey, if you wish to know more about the mystical south-east, from the perspective of an Asian male in his 30s.

The FB Page link is www.facebook.com/anywherebutsouth and will provide regular updates.Alternatively, you can also go to www.terencesmotorcycleadventures.com to find out more details. Thanks for reading this and safe travels!