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New to Exploring and I'm still young and wanting to in life get a job from it

OtherJames Hipkiss

Hi there,

I'm Jon. I'm 22 and I'm new to exploring, and adventure, my life isn't going very well at the moment, i have 2 years animal care experience, but there is no jobs around in it, i cant get a customer service job, and I've always been a person who loves to travel and explore, is it possible to maybe in my life to get a job after ALOT OF YEARS training maybe get a job of a explorer or adventurer as it seems such a wonderful thing to do, and i would do anything to archive it, please i need all the help and info i could get, i have no experience but I'm willing to learn, i am wanting and planning to do a antarctic expedition unsupported and unassisted, starting at Hercules in let to south pole then to walk back alone, i'm also willing to do this training to, but a life as a explorer seems better these days and to work in this kind of area I'd dearly love.