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Kayaking with killer whales in British Columbia

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There is a place in Canada where the killer whale population is significantly denser than anywhere else on Earth.

To make matters even better, there is also an abundance of humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions, porpoises,eagles and seals. This place is called the Johnstone Strait and it is situated near the northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The strait is dotted with pristine forested islands, on which we will be camping for a full week of photography, whale watching and exploration by kayaks.This unique photography expedition is suitable for people without any previous kayaking experience.We will be paddling in very stable kayaks, and all the gear, water and food that we will need to live on our own in nature for the entire expedition will be stored safely in waterproof hatches. The Johnstone Strait is part of the Inside Passage, located between Vancouver Island and the mainland - and although technically it is in the Pacific Ocean, it is well sheltered from the ocean swell. Our route is a one-way route, carefully chosen in order to see as much as possible of the area, without the need to return to our starting point.The adventure will be led by one of todays top outdoor photographers, Alex Buisse, together with two highly-trained local kayak guides. Given that the group will be formed of no more than six participants, this is an exclusive experience for passionate photographers who want to challenge their creative selves, photograph cetaceans from their kayaks, and immerse themselves in wild nature.

Dates: 23 - 31 July 2015Group size:max 6 (+ 3guides)Accommodation:- base camps/ tent:6nights- hotel:2nightsExpedition leader:Alex BuisseAlex Buisseis an adventure photographer who has spent an unplanned night on an ice face in January, climbed a granite spire alone for four days, named three mountains in Greenland, flown from the summits of snowy peaks, trekked through the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego and kayaked near to sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, among many other adventures. Alex shoots for clients such as Patagonia, RedBull, Sports Illustrated, Black Diamond and the Patagonian Expedition Race. His work has been published in The New York Post, Outdoor Photography, NationalGeographic.com, Alpinist, Climbing, The Telegraph, and many other prestigious publications.

You can read more about Alex on our team page. For more information please visit:http://www.verticalshotexpeditions.com/kayaking-with-whales