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It is known as Europes last wilderness. This route hikes through spectacular mountains and valleys and from the 1800s become known as the king of trails The Kings Trail. During the summer season, it is essentially daylight all day and north of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun shines brightly for several months. Lapland is also a sanctuary for wildlife, for those who know what tracks to look for, lynx, wolverine, bear and even wolf can be found. Sweden has 11 peaks over 2,000m. The Kings trail is 430km long, stretching from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south. You pass by several of these peaks through a well-built system of mountain stations and mountain huts making hiking both easy and fun. No need to bring a tent, - no camping involved. I am looking for companions for this potential trip. You will need to carry your own gear for the duration of the trip but with the hut facilities; you should be able to keep your backpack to a minimum weight. You can wear the same hiking gear for a week, right? Summer Season: Midsummer Mid September. My plan is to hike the first section. Abisko Nikkaluokta and include the summit of Swedens highest mountain Kebnekaise. Summer trails are comprised of a well-worn path with painted poles/stones, where the trail is difficult to follow. In forest country, colour indicators can be on trees. There are mountain huts along the Kings Trail, a days hike from each other (10 20km) The huts have self-service accommodation, showers and WCs. You cook your own food. The kitchens have stoves, cooking utensils, and cutlery. There is no electricity and huts are heated with wood or LPG (Liquid petroleum gas) Rooms have 4 beds with mattresses, pillows and covers. You need to bring your own sheets or sleeping bag. Food and water is available at many of the huts, but best to bring your own supplies to save on cost.Itinerary *I have reserved 9 days for this trek, although for experienced hikers I am confident the distances can be covered to shorten the trip to 8 days, (6 days trekking) but this is a good itinerary to start.* Abisko NikkaluoktaLength: 105km Days spent hiking: 7 days.Starting Point: Abisko Mountain HutHow to get there: Fly to Kiruna and catch bus/train to AbiskoEnd Point: Kebnekaise Mountain StationHow to get out: Hike 19km to Nikkaluokta, Bus to Kiruna. Provisional Daily PlanDay 1. Flight to Kiruna Bus ( 105km 1.5hrs) to Abisko Mountain Hut (overnight Abisko)Day 2. Hike Abisko to Abiskojaure (15km)Day 3: Hike to Alesjaure (20km)Day 4: Hike to Tjaktja Lodging (13km)Day 5: Hike to Salta Mountain huts (12km)Day 6: Hike to Kebnekaise Mountain Hut (14km)Day 7: Ascent to the summit of Kebnekaise (2104m) overnight back at Kebnekaise Mountain Hut (16km)Day 8: Walk to Nikkaluokta, (19km) Bus to Kiruna (1hr 10min) overnight KirunaDay 9: Flight back to London A breakdown of estimate costsFlights SAS Scandinavian AirlinesLHR to Kiruna via Stockholm.Dates 1st July 9th July 240Mountain huts 23 per night. (with membership 13 per night)*STF membership costs 25 for the year and allows discounted accommodation in mountain huts and hostels around Sweden so worthwhile purchasing. *Night in Kiruna (30 -50) nice hotel. We will deserve this treat!Food Expenses. 100 (not including any alcohol)Bus Transfers 50 returnTotal Cost approx. 600 - 700If you are reasonably fit, love being active and want to get back to nature then please get in touch!sarah.carter304@gmail.com