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At the start of March 2015 James Ellis and Mike White will be driving from Keynsham, Bristol to Cape Town covering 18,000 miles and crossing 19 borders. What kind of vehicle is up for the challenge I hear you ask.

When looking for a vehicle for such a trip the choices are very limited. We wanted something simple without to much tech on board and can be adapted to our requirements. Bearing this in mind, we found ourselves with a 1993 200TDI 110 Defender. Over the last few months our trusted stead has undertaken a pretty big transformation.The adventure were undertaking is all in the name of Joshua Orphan Community Care who operate in Malawi. We aim to help by raising funds as well as helping at their project sites.

The route we have chosen for our trip takes us through Southern Europe, out of Spain and into North West Africa. We will then travel into central Africa and across sub-Saharan Africa across to the East coast. After working with Joshua we will continue on down to the end of the trip to Cape Town.The pair of us have both travelled and worked in Africa in very different environments so we are aware of some of the issues that may face us along the way.

The thing we have keep at the front of our route planning prep is the need to remain flexible and be able to adapt to the ever changing circumstances that we come across.We have been writing blogs detailing our preparation and are planning to post more frequently as the departure date gets closer and as often as possible whilst we are away.All the latest information can be found on our Facebook page which has all the latest photos and information about the trip.