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Corsica - 3 Peaks

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

I'm planning a trip to Corsica in the early Autumn of 2015 with the aim of summiting the 3 highest peaks as part of a continuous 5 day trek through central northern Corsica. This will be my fourth visit to the island, which for me is one of the most magical wilderness areas of Europe. The trek will be physically demanding - think the iconic GR20, which my intended route will follow for 2 days, and add a bit. The peaks are rocky and involve some scrambling, particularly on Paglia Orba, the third highest summit.I haven't worked out detailed costs yet, but I plan to travel as light as possible and so stay in mountain huts along the way. These provide food and comfortable dormitory accommodation.

For each of the trekking days 50 to 60 should cover everything.A little about me - I have long loved mountain and wilderness areas and have trekked in the Sierra Nevada in California, the Alps, Scotland, the Pyrennees, the Sierra Nevada and the Picos de Europa in Spain, the western Ghats in S. India, Malawi, Nepal... and Corsica. I'm also a qualified mountain leader. I have walked quite a lot in Corsica, including parts of the proposed route, as well as 2 of the 3 peaks , but have never done the route as a whole. So it'll be a first for me and something I want to do for myself personally, with a view to possibly offering it commercially in the future.