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Olmurrani Ultramarathon: The Maasai Warrior Race

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

A lion can run faster than we can, but we can run further(Maasai Proverb)25th August 2015. This 100-mile (160-kilometre) race to be finished in a maximum of 37 hours will take you into the heart of the legendary land of the proud warriors of Tanzania, the tall and slender Maasai.

The Maasai, born into one of the last great warrior cultures, once dominated the plains of East Africa. Today the Maasai still live in round-shaped, pitch dark and suffocatingly warm huts, shared with their livestock, in manyattas in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.The Ngorongoro Conservation Area covers 4,970 square miles (8,000 square kilometres) on the southeast corner of the Serengeti that, with its famous annual migration of one million wildebeests, half a million gazelles and a quarter of a million zebras, has the highest concentration of wildlife on earth.

A refuge for the last remaining black rhinos, home to one of the densest populations of lions, and a seasonal stop for vast flocks of migrating flamingos.During the dry season the Maasai move into the woodlands and mountain slopes but during the rainy season they venture out onto the open plains of the Ngorongoro Crater, one of the worlds largest natural amphitheatres. Lands ruled by large prides of lions but the Maasai, bedecked in their colourful shukas, form a powerful stronghold.Are you ready to match your strength with the brave warriors of the Maasai, an intensely proud culture steeped in the mystique of tradition, legend, and prophecy?

Are you ready to take up the challenge against those who once, when coming of age, proved their bravery by single-handedly slaying a lion?Then sign up now for the race of a lifetime, the Olmurrani Ultramarathon The Maasai Warrior Race. The race is run during the dry season on 29 August 2015 when the eye of Olapa, the Maasai goddess of the moon, lights up the nightly skies whilst Maasai askhari (night watchmen) with torches and machetes will keep you safe and guide you from the one aid station to the next.