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Fellow channel swimmer

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I am planning to swim the channel next August. I have literally only just decided this will be my next challenge a few weeks ago, but it sounds right!

Basically I'm looking for someone like minded and driven who fancies giving it a shot as well. I only have very loose plans in my head at the moment, so there are lots of options! I have very limited sea swimming experience but I love it and strongly believe challenges like this are the best way to drive success.

Around this time of year, in 2012, I decided to cycle from Paris to Prague in 10 days unsupported, I didn't own a bike at the time but managed to recruit a friend and together we completed it in June 2013. Minimal planning was done and it made for a really great trip. If you are keen to join me please drop me a message. I have a set of goggles, and a friend with a (support) boat.

That's all so far. But this will happen.