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Dear Researchers, I am in development with an expedition that has won the Spirit Of Adventure Award from the Captain Scott Society called, Life in the Darien Gap to study ancient petroglyphs from a lost civilization and indigenous cultures. Unfortunately due to funding constraints, it is not a paid internship but a great opportunity to work on an Award winning expedition and alongside great professionals crossing three different industries (Archaeology, Documentary and Adventure/ Exploration). The project has also been shortlisted by the SES (Scientific Exploration Society), shortlisted by the National Geographic Society, Finalist of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship and will also be made into a documentary with myself presenting and award winning Filmmaker, Russ Malkin as Director. Here is a link to the project in progress on my website where all the details can be found: http://sarahbegum.tv/documentaries/panama/ I am looking for an Archaeology graduate to work with graduates from other universities and collaborate together on creating a world petroglyph chart. This chart will then be taken out to the expedition and used to compare and analyse the petroglyphs we will study on the field. It will be a great contribution to the archaeology world, with each student making their contribution in research to their assigned country as well as the wider world. Interns can be based anywhere in the world as the work can be completed self contained after a briefing. Please email me if you are interested in getting involved on: sarahbegumfilms@gmail.com Thanks! Sarah