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In the cave of the holy mountain - Athos, Greece part 3

OtherJames Hipkiss

In mid-October, 2013 ended the third consecutive expedition. It is managed by V. Gyorev with participants A. Genkov and K. Stoichkov (Bulgaria),I. Agapov, S. Kaminski (Russia), G. Lazaridis, L. Makrostergios, A. Radulesko (Greece), D. Tomich (Serbia). Researchers expanded the perimeter of studies, covering territories around the monasteries Hilendar, Esvigmen, the Great Lavra, the Romanian Skete Timiou Prodromou, Athos summitand the place Virgin Mary (Panagia) below the peak.

There are found and mapped 26 new underground sites (mostly caves), among which is the longest explored cave of the peninsula up to date in Karulya place (length about 130 m). It was explored also the so called Athos Large Cave, which recently is the biggest in volume cave on the Athos peninsula.

They're found and located with GPS receivers, finding 20 more cave entrances but because lack of time they were not surveyed! The total length of the surveyed sites together with the caves which exploration is in progress.