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Finland by Foot

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss


So I fancy an adventure in February/March or longer and would like to go with any other like minded people. The initial idea is to go from the very bottom of Finland (Helsinki) up to the top by foot or anything built along the way i.e. a raft. Also we'd take a video camera and film as much of it as possible to make a short film at the end.

This is roughly 800 miles and going by an average of 20 miles/day will take 40 days. Ideally a team of 3 or 4 people would be best and you'd be best suited if you: 1. Are fit 2. Like outdoors 3. Like solving problems 4. Strong desire to succeed in adversity 5. Enjoy adventure Costs (very rough, below) would have to be met by each member: Transport to start : 100 Transport back home: 230 Food (8/day): 320 Equipment: 150 Other things: 150 Total = ~950.

If you're keen or have any questions, or if you have a better idea for an adventure then let me know! Everything above is flexible and completely open to change.