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January 2014: Adventurers wanted!

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Dear Explorers, I've been reading through the list of epic expeditions on this web site but I wanted to appeal to those of you looking to join a mission created and inspired by us! For a long time now I've been itching to travel to South America. My general thoughts would be to: - plan and take on a unique and challenging, predominantly human-powered trip, passing through some of the most stunning and culturally intriguing regions e.g. Patagonia, the Amazon Basin, the miles and miles of beautiful forest and beaches in Colombia and Ecuador. - document and film the journey as a story that would appeal to friends, family and strangers alike. It would be really cool to brainstorm a central theme to the plot and work around that as a guiding principle. - visit and possibly volunteer in some purpose-driven organisations across the continent in order to give back and, in turn, be inspired. - partake in a spot of surfing (any other outdoor sports are more than welcome too!) - be able to boast the best pub stories and be a freakin' hero (....sort of). Rather than be overly prescriptive and list out all my ideas in full, I wanted to throw this out there to see who's game! I'd be delighted for people to come for any part of or all of the journey dependent on appetite for risk/ adrenalin/ getting back to the cold in the UK (or not as the case may be.....).