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Six Million Steps: Coastline Expedition

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Six Million Steps is an expedition to walk the entire length of the South African coastline, solo and unsupported. Inspired by a childhood love of nature and driven by a distinct dissatisfaction with ordinary living, South African Grant Christie aims to walk from Alexander Bay on the west coast to Kozi Bay on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast, carrying all his equipment and supplies on his back. Starting in early October 2013, this seven month journey will conclude in late April 2014; covering a distance of over 3000 km on foot.

Endorsed by the Wilderness Foundation South Africa, the purpose of the journey is to uncover the environmental burdens on the coastline and to raise awareness of these issues. The project will also raise awareness specifically for two of the Wilderness Foundations programmes, namely the Forever Wild Great White Shark Conservation Initiative, which focuses on the Great White Shark as a charismatic keystone species and a symbol of ocean wilderness; and the Pride Project, which is a youth-oriented experiential education programme run predominantly in coastal provinces. The name Six Million Steps came from a rough estimation predicting half-meter stride lengths over a distance of 3000 km.

Human activity is a grave threat to our oceans and coastline. With your support Six Million Steps can become a powerful stepping stone in the preservation of our precious coastal wilderness. What's your next step?

Grant Christie Tel: +27 (0) 82 324 4112 grant.christie080@gmail.com www.facebook.com/sixmillionsteps www.twitter.com/sixmillionsteps (@6millionsteps) www.sixmillionsteps.co.za www.wildernessfoundation.org