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Lake Titicaca Kayaking

CommunityJames Hipkiss

World First attempt at kayaking the full circumnavigation of Lake Titicaca (+-1100km) Kayak around the lake in the 2 countries of Peru and Bolivia. The challenge is big enough especially in the winter and with the altitude. Winter has less rain so more clear days. Sleeping in the tent or with the help of locals as meeting the people around the lake will provide encouragements and advice. Geography: take GPS points of the shoreline + GPS of the progress of the adventure. All GPS coordinates will be freely available after the expedition. Geography: Make a photo inventory of the background of the lake.

Taking photos of the lake from the water in order to see how the background looks like and being able to compare it with the future. Exactly the same process as we do today with the retreating glaciers. (see appendix for more) Science awareness: Help an amphibian biologist to locate better the habitats of the endangered Lake Titicaca waterfrog, the largest worlds freshwater frog. This will be done by taking underwater photography with a GoPro camera. Awareness that this frog exists and needs protection. Team partner: Cho (Gadiel Sanchez Rivera) from Walking the Amazon.