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Running South America

CommunityJames Hipkiss

On 27 July 2012, as the Olympic gun resonated through the streets of London, Katharine David Lowrie began their own Olympics. An epic journey to run the length of South America; over 10.000km (6,500 miles), the equivalent of over 250 marathons, through some of the most awe inspiring and biologically rich ecosystems on earth. The Adventure Running couple are running unsupported, pulling equipment for camping, communications, science, food and water in a trailer they made from recycled materials. They intend to achieve a world first; first woman and first to run the continent unsupported.

They update 5000mileproject.org, facebook, twitter, youtube from the trail, as well as writing adventure-environmental articles for online newspapers magazines. Schools and global communities are journeying vicariously with them; following the adventure, hazards and highlights, the challenges and choices; meeting the wildlife and people that shape the landscape they're running through. Humans evolved to run in wild places, yet we are becoming more and more removed from both the natural world and physical activity; leading to obesity, psychosis and environmental degradation.

We hope that through sweat, tears and determination, well open a portal into the last wilds of South America and rekindle peoples passion for running and our amazing natural world.

Katharine and David.