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South pole race 2013

CommunityJames Hipkiss

A team off three servicemen from the RAF Regiment will face some of the worlds most extreme weather conditions and will endure months of gruelling physical and mental training, in order to prepare for one of the worlds most challenging races.

Determined to be the first team to reach the South Pole in 2013 Stu, Steven and Stuart will test their endurance, resourcefulness and their sheer grit and determination in the annual South Polar Race. Covering 450 miles to the geographic South Pole, they will pull 70kg. pulks (sleds) through one of the most hostile environments in the world whilst facing winds up to 100 mph and temperatures as low as -50?c.

The team will utilise all of their skills in order to navigate safely through the largest and, arguably, most dangerous deserts on earth; common features of the harsh environment include crevasses, deep cracks in ice sheets or glaciers, and snow bridges, a snow structure (usually arc shaped) bridging the gap across a crevasse (or any absent space). Stu, Steven and Stuart have all recently returned from tours in Afghanistan and are passionate about aiding fellow serviceman who require help and support after returning from tours of duty.

All money raised through the undertaking of this challenge will go to the charity Help 4 Heroes.

Email:RAFregSouthPole@yahoo.co.uk Twitter: @RAFregSouthPole Facebook: Facebook.com/RafRegimentPolarRaceHelp4HeroesTeam "