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The Italian Job 2013

OtherJames Hipkiss

Get behind our own version of the Italian Job to provide housing help for our wounded heroes as we look to swim, cycle and run from Italy to the UK in under 14 days!! We are two very motivated an enthusiastic individuals looking to avoid the standard destinations of Ayia Napa and Ibiza this summer. We have embarked on a campaign to invest our time and effort to help Coming Home, a charity which we both value extremely highly.

They provide adapted housing for wounded and injured Armed Forces Personnel who as a result of their injuries, have to leave the services and face the reality of rebuilding a new life outside the Military. We want our service men and women to be comforted by the fact that should they become injured whilst carrying their duties, there are people at home who care about them being able to live as normal a life as possible on return to the UK. We wanted our challenge to replicate the idea of Service men and women coming home from abroad after being injured. That was when we decided we wanted to begin our challenge abroad and then work back towards the UK (Coming Home).

We have tailor made a multi-discipline endurance triathlon event which will physically put our bodies to the test. We will swim 18 miles from the Island of Capri to mainland Italy, cycle a pain-staking 1300 miles from Naples to London and finish with a gruelling marathon around 3 of the Royal Parks in London, all in under 14 days!! We have already invested copious amounts of our time and effort in organising our custom-made event, not to mention the private investment it has taken to get The Italian Job 2013 to this point.

Our bank balances are now looking suitably unhealthy and our bodies are beginning to groan at the continual stress they are being put through whilst undertaking our strict training regime. If you feel our cause is worthwhile, we would welcome your donations. Pleasecheck outour website, www.theitalianjob2013.co.uk and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get regular updates on upcoming events and find out how the training programme is going.

If you have any questions regarding the trip or would like to send us messages with your support, please email us at 2013theitalianjob@gmail.com Thanks, Hamish and Kit