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Two high spirited adventurers, Holly and David Partridge, are preparing themselves for a phenomenal journey that shall see them through over 40 countries between the UK and Australia. In April 2013 we shall set out from Holly's home in Cornwall, UK and embark on a cycle ride both physically challenging and utterly awe-inspiring. With a thirst for learning and adventure, this is our solution to combine the two. Our hope is to experience the extremities of culture, environment, religion and politics that makes our world such an extraordinary place.

We also anticipate that this challenge shall demand us to dig deep and find the limits of our own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, it shall be interesting and exciting! Between the UK and Australia, we shall be heading off on numerous escapades in the wrong direction! This is our opportunity to see as much as we can, so we are adding in a number of extra routes. If you would like to see our planned route in more detail, please visit our website below.

Also, if you would like to meet us along the way, ride a few miles or more with us, it would be great to hear from you! The final leg shall see us skirt around 3/4 of the coast of Australia. Beginning in Darwin, Northern Territory, we travel anti-clockwise in an epic mission through what will most likely be the the toughest environment of the entire journey, until friends and family welcome us to the finish line at the Partridge homestead in the Hunter valley. Please be assured that 'finishing line' is a loose term!