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Euro 48 is a 5 year project in which we hope to reach the highest point of every country in Europe. We are almost 3 years in and have 'summited' 32 of the 48. Our travels so far have taken us north to Norway's frozen peaks, south to Spain's Sierra Nevada and east to the Belarusian plains.

The trekking and climbing has also varied from a gentle stroll over the grassy hills of Denmark to a more strenuous Alpine ascent of Mont Blanc and full scale expedition attempt of Russia's Mount Elbrus. Finding the actual high point can be as much a challenge as summiting them sometimes as they are normally off the beaten track and hidden miles away from anywhere, but this is what makes EURO 48 a true adventure. That said, you don't need to be a professional adventurer to attempt it. The real beauty of this project is that it's open to anyone and you can approach it in whatever way suits you best.

We have travelled mostly at weekends as we both have family and work commitments but there is something extremely gratifying about being a secret weekend adventurer. You can fly off on Friday, get your adrenaline fix, soak up some of the sights, sounds and cultures of these countries before heading back to your desk for the Monday morning meetings feeling great!