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Exploration Science Program

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Are you a student, graduate or working towards a career in environmental science or ocean conservation and outreach? Are you wondering how you can gain relevant field experience to make your CV stand out above the rest?

If so, look no further, as this intimate and unique course will make your CV shine by giving you the skills to lead a real life expedition. Through this program, you will obtain cutting edge information on how best to explore the ocean in order to conduct research or to promote conservation initiatives. Led by an experienced and multidisciplinary team of educators, our Exploration Science Program is specifically designed to prepare scientists to lead open ocean expeditions.

The world is ever increasingly changing as it is ever increasingly becoming flat. As this happens we begin to understand how everything is dependent upon key connections that influence not only our cultural views but also the conditions of the planet that sustains us all. In this rapidly changing world, we progressively need experts to understand what changes are happening, the rates at which conditions are changing, and how these changes will impact people and ecosystems. With this in mind, Pangaea Exploration in collaboration with Dr. Keene Haywood from the University of Miami has developed a unique program to train scientists in the science of research and world exploration.

This comprehensive program contains modules that cover the full spectrum of expedition planning from food provisioning to mechanics to emergency response. Areas of emphasis include: International Transit with a focus in Customs and Immigration and Cultural Sensitivity, Navigation and Remote Communication Techniques and Mobile Apps for Data Collection and Emerging Technologies in Scientific Research. So researchers may gain expertise in obtaining funding for projects and raising awareness, instruction will be given on the dissemination of findings through media via audio, video and still photography. The Bahamas is an excellent location for your first expedition because it is just close enough to the US for comfort while giving you the international experience that you will need to ensure success in this emerging field. From start to finish, crew will provision the boat, develop the itinerary, plan the route and safely sail the boat across the open ocean while developing skills to collect and communicate important oceanic data.

This expedition is open to anyone who would like to gain experience in how to conduct expeditions and may potentially be used to gain credit towards a degree. You will also receive two International Yacht Training certificates (on completion of an exam): IYT Introduction to Boating and International Crew; and VHF Radio Operator.We are running this same program in March 2014 in the Cayman Islands.