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My name is Martin, and I'm looking for a travel companion or small group who wants to go get lost with me beginning at the beginning-ish of 2014. This will be a completely unplanned and unfunded adventure, so I will find work here and there while I live off a small savings in between employment. Joining me means you embrace the unknown. There are no expectations, which means there is no disappointment. I am a well-traveled, 28-year-old white male from the USA. My only request is that you be youthful (not young, just youthful), slightly immature, able-bodied, adventurous, able to enjoy the spartan lifestyle we will be embracing, spontaneous, be accepting of the transient nature of this trip, and be somewhat intelligent--somewhat. I will stay in hostels the entire time unless a family hosts me/us. I will want to go to a place, experience its culture, and enjoy some adventures it has to offer. I have no plans for it, but I would love to find myself on a Bactrian camel, at the Everest base camp, doing ohms in a Tibetan monastery, and that sort of thing. This trip will be a true exercise in spontaneity. I hope to hear from you! thewanderer06081985@gmail.com.