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Ocean Rowing team-mate (male)

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Write yourself into the record books by being a part of a Guinness World record breaking row of 3,500 miles from mainland Europe to mainland South America. Former rowing experience isn't compulsory and there are no age restrictions but we are looking for one individual who is able to demonstrate they perform well within a team and able to maintain a positive attitude in physically and mentally challenging conditions. We are looking for male crew-mates who want to take on the challenge as part of a mixed-team of 5 rowers who depart from Portugal in January 2015 (specific date to be confirmed based on weather conditions). It's a fantastic opportunity to physically challenge yourself. The crossing is expected to take 70 days and that time will be spent alternating between two hours of rowing and two hours of rest, every day until we reach South America. The squad is so far made up of myself and three other rowers and each have ocean rowing, or river rowing experience and sea navigation and safety, training.