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EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

In October, New Dawn Traders Alex and Lucy set sail on a 7-month voyage around the Atlantic with the cargo vessel Tres Hombres and her crew. The beautiful Tres Hombres is pioneering a renaissance in shipping cargo by sailboat - 100% wind-powered and emission-free. This 32 meter, engine-less brigantine has been successfully trading between Europe and islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean since 2009. This year will be the ships first voyage to Brazil.Through the physical act of trading goods between countries we will also be trading in skills, knowledge and culture. The ship is not only a perfect metaphor for this voyage of discovery but is itself a microcosm of social and ecological issues. Through our human-scale adventures, both on-board the ship and in port, we will find and develop tools for sustainable living that will be of interest far beyond our own needs.

In short New Dawn Traders is divided into two mutually supported departments: Trading Under Sail and Storytelling. Our ultimate goal is to manifest a self-sustaining, theatrical cargo ship, trading in goods, knowledge and culture by the power of the wind. Environmental and social change for the better requires a groundswell of many individual efforts, and we hope to motivate this through documenting and sharing our own path towards a healthy, happy, enchanted and fair planet. This voyage will further develop the multi-faceted business and campaigns model needed to achieve this goal and WE NEED YOU!Please check out our page on Indiegogo for further videos / pictures and information. We are raising funds for our imminent voyage and we are very grateful for all contributions.If you are interested in: becoming a trainee, shipping goods to or from the UK, sponsoring our voyage, selling our products. or volunteering time and knowledge.please get in touch.email: info@newdawntraders.com