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The Trans Papua Expedition

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Hello Explorers Connect!

This year I led an expedition to attempt the first unbroken, unassisted crossing of remote West Papua on-foot and by packraft. A distance well in excess of 1000km I was hoping to find two ancient on-foot tribal trade routes that had once linked the central highlands to the coasts in what I honestly believed was once the greatest foot-only trade route in human history. Six months, a terrifying jungle retreat, near starvation, close encounters with unknown tribes, poisonous snakes and wild pigs later and I find myself sat back on the couch wondering whether that all really just happened.

Please feel free to get in touch with whatever you are up to or any questions or even follow our 'news' through the Facebook group 'The Trans-Papua Expedition' or the expedition blog at www.willmillard.wordpress.com. Will is supported by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, the RGS, Berghaus, The Transglobe Expedition Trust, The Frederick Soddy Trust and The Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust. He's been leading expeditions for five years in West Papua but when he's not risking his life on ludicrous projects he writes and works for Indus Films who make the Bruce Parry 'Tribe' documentaries for BBC Two.

Find out more at www.willmillard.wordpress.com and www.willmillard.com