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The Great Salmon Tour explores the global diversity of salmonid fish and the diversity of human cultures that are linked to these fish. Every salmon has a story and that story is about us. The great salmon tour brings through video, narratives, and talks the story about salmon diversity and its importance for human cultural diversity to audiences around the world. The vision is to conserve biodiversity is not only conserved for its own sake but to conserve our own heritage. The Great Salmon Tour cooperates with Non-government, government, and scientific institutions as well as local people to bring awareness about and to help conserve the diversity of salmon fish species around the world.In the planning stages is a set of expeditions to remote and less remote areas to see, film, and document different species of salmonids and threats to these; to do research and interview people about their connection to the fish; to join and film the communities and their people in their daily relationships to the fish; and to spread awareness of threats to the species and forge conservation collaboration efforts.Fish, areas, and people include: Hucho hucho in Danube River, Slovenia, and the angler community; Mexican trout in north Mexico mountains and the scientists studying theses fish in a highly dangerous area; Arctic charr in arctic Canada and the Inuit communities; Atlantic salmon in Spain and the local communities historic connection to these fish; and the omul in Lake Baikal, Russia, and the small commercial fishery for what is considered a Russian delicacy.