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Scientific Exploration Society Awards Scheme

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It is a commonly held misconception that the days of the great exploratory expeditions are over. Programmes such as the SES Award Scheme are vital to fuel the efforts of young explorers, to facilitate the projects of the next generation of expedition leaders, and to continue the long and proud British tradition of stepping off the map.

Monty Halls The Scientific Exploration Society Awards Scheme is intended to offer support to an innovative individual who has put together a team and a plan for an expedition for scientific research. He or she should share the pioneering commitment of Col John Blashford-Snell OBE, by inspiring other people to go on and do great things.

Applications are invited by 1st December and by 1st August each year, and grants are generally of 500,sponsored awards may be higher, please see website for fulldetails: www.ses-explore.org/awards