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FundingJames Hipkiss

Land Rover Go Beyond Bursary - The Land Rover Go Beyond Bursary, run by the Royal Geographical Society on behalf of Land Rover, offers funding and the use of a 110 Defender vehicle.The award is aimed at those who want to take a journey beyond their limits and boundaries, that offers challenges for the team and for which a Land Rover Defender 110 is an integral part of the expedition.Your journey may connect you with schools, local communities or projects but, whatever its aim, the team will be expected to inspire and engage others, both from the field and on return.A bursary of 15,000 is available and in addition applicants can apply for a discretionary fund of up to 15,000 to support essential expedition related costs. Deadline November each yearwww.rgs.org

Journey of a Lifetime - The Journey of a Lifetime Award, given by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), in partnership with BBC Radio 4, offers you the chance to make a journey of a lifetime and to tell the world about it in a memorable piece of radio documentary-making. For those with a genuine curiosity about the world around them, the Journey of a Lifetime is a grant of 5,000 for an original and inspiring journey anywhere in the world. The winner will receive training in radio broadcasting from the BBC and will record their experiences for a BBC Radio 4 documentary.The aim of the award is to inspire an interest in the people and places of the world and to discover new radio broadcasting talent. Deadline Sept/Oct each year.

www.rgs.orgPalestinianExploration FundFunding travel and research in Palestine. Deadline 31st January each year.

http://www.pef.org.uk/grants/Plas y Brenin Awards and BursariesA range of awards and bursaries supporting the training of prospective outdoor leaders and professionals.http://www.pyb.co.uk/awards.phpMyles

Robinson Memorial TrustIn addition to Raleigh International The Myles Robinson Memorial Trust provides Myles Robinson bursaries through Lattitude Global Volunteering (www.lattitude.org) and Snow-Camp (www.snow-camp.org.uk).

The Myles Robinson trustees will be involved in the application process and there is information on the Trust on the websites. Details of the bursary awards are on the relevant pages.http://www.mylesrobinson.co.uk/The Challenger Trust Bursary - Young people taking part in overseas expeditions whose family or financial circumstances have changed dramatically, preventing them from continuing with their project.http://www.challengertrust.org/Winston Churchill Memorial TrustVarious categories each year including the Mike Jones Award for canoeing, and often one on exploration and adventure.

No educational or professional qualifications are needed. British citizens only. Average grant 3,000.

www.wcmt.org.ukAndy Fanshawe Memorial Trust GrantIf you are under 26 and lack funding for a climbing expedition or other outdoor initiative, then you could qualify for a grant from the Andy Fanshawe Memorial Trust. The Trust could also help fund your place on a training course, provided your primary reason for attending it is for personal development rather than professional qualifications.www.andyfanshawe.orgCaptain Scott Society Spirit of Adventure AwardFor individuals or expeditions displaying similar spirit of adventure so nobly demonstrated by Captain Scott and The British Antarctic Expedition of 1910. Average 2000, deadline March 1st each year.www.captainscottsociety.co.ukCaptain Scott Society Sir Vivian Fuchs Young Adventure AwardFor young person aged between 11 and 19, displaying similar spirit of adventure so nobly demonstrated by Captain Scott and The British Antarctic Expedition of 1910. Average 500, deadline March 1st each year. www.captainscottsociety.co.uk

Young Explorers Trust Jim Bishop Memorial Trust - Open to individuals under 19 years taking part in adventurous activities at home or abroad. Up to 500, deadlines May 1st and December 1st each year. www.theyet.org/pages/Grants_and_Approvals.html

Eagle Ski Club Georgina Travers Award - For ski mountaineering expeditions and training courses. Up to 1,000, deadline October 1st each year.www.eagleskiclub.org.uk/gtform.html

Polartec Challenge Grants - Every year world-class athletes benefit from the Polartec Challenge, an international award program encouraging the spirit and practice of outdoor adventure. From the sharp granite cliffs of Southern Africa to heights of the Himalayas, these men and women are dedicated to the pursuit of excitement and discovery. Over the past 20 years Polartec has supported hundreds of expeditions around the world through the Polartec Challenge, an international grant program encouraging outdoor adventure.

The Polartec Challenge Grant seeks to assist teams who respect the local culture and environment and serve as role models to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Applications are evaluated on the basis of vision, commitment, educational and cultural value. The Polartec Challenge is not the appropriate venue for projects that involve competition or fund raising.http://polartec.com/polartec-challenge/The Ullysses TrustAll Volunteer Reserve Forces units (including University Units) and Cadets are eligible.

Exceptionally grants will be made to individuals, particularly where it can be shown that an appropriate unit expedition is not readily available and that there will be long term benefit to the unit. In the case of Cadets, individuals going on approved civilian run cadet expeditions will be supported through a Cadet HQ or association. Examples of civilian organisations likely to be approved are: British Schools Exploring Society, Outposts, Raleigh International, Trekforce and World Challenge. In the past, grants have ranged from 1,500 for major expeditions involving larger numbers to 500 for less ambitious ventures and smaller numbers.

Occasionally, larger sums, for instance 10,000 or more, have been made to major expeditions, though for these it is essential to discuss them with the Hon Secretary and apply a year ahead.http://www.ulyssestrust.co.uk/base.php?f=applThe North Face Explore FundThe Explore Fund will support organizations that encourage youth outdoor participation, focusing primarily on creating more connections of children to nature, increasing access to both front backcountry recreation, as well as providing education for both personal environmental health. Grants will be given up to $2,500, and to maximise the impact of The Explore Fund. http://www.explorefund.org/The Earth and Space Foundation Betty Adamson Award

The Betty Adamson Expedition Award will be administered in arbitrary years to an expedition linking Earth and space exploration that demonstrates a sense of adventure slightly out of the ordinary and that demonstrates a willingness to pursue an objective whose outcome is not certain. Current Value: 400/$650.http://www.earthandspace.org/betty.html

The Earth and Space Awards - Using the Earth to help understand other worlds and create a space faring civilisation. Most expeditions are eligible. They include university expeditions and other expeditions from private or non-profit organisations and government expeditions. Awards are currently the equivalent of 250 or $500 each. http://www.earthandspace.org/annual.html

Welsh Sports Association Overseas Expedition Grants - This scheme helps fund overseas expeditions that will enhance the development of a sport.Grants are limited to a contribution of up to 50 per cent of the costs of travel, safety equipment and other essential materials. Expeditions should be ground-breaking and priority will be given to Welsh based expeditions where the majority of members are Welsh. Successful applications have traditionally come from mountaineering, caving, cave diving, canoeing and paragliding. But the Welsh Sports Association is happy to consider applications from other outdoor activities, providing the expedition is ground breaking and likely to enhance the development of that activity. All applications will be considered on merit, and after consultation with the appropriate National Governing Body. http://www.welshsports.org.uk/index.asp

Neville Shulman Challenge Award - The Neville Shulman Challenge Award, first given in 2001, is an annual award of 10,000, established for the Society by Neville Shulman CBE and his associates. The Neville Shulman Challenge Award aims to further the understanding and exploration of the planet: its cultures, peoples and environments, while promoting personal development through the intellectual or physical challenges involved in undertaking the research and/or expeditions. Applications are invited from both individuals and groups. Deadline: September each year - www.rgs.org

The Wilderness Award - The Wilderness Award is a cash award made to a UK resident over the age of 18 who intends to travel overseas, returning before 31st January of the following year, to undertake an unusual and adventurous objective in a geographically remote wilderness area. Award currently set at 650.00http://www.wildernesslectures.com/wilderness_award/This list will be added to as we learn of new opportunities, if you hear of any new grants or know of any which are not listed here then please write to us using the blue SEND A MESSAGE button at the top or post a Comment below.