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The India Ride

CommunityJames Hipkiss

Hello fellow adventurers,

I just wanted to introduce my new motorcycle production to this online community. As you may remember, my brother Colin Pyle and I set a Guinness World Record for our 65 day - 18,000km - motorcycle expedition and television production in China back in 2010, it's name was The Middle Kingdom Ride.

The television show and book from that project are due out later this year. As our follow up, I would like to introduce you to The India Ride. Colin and I are just now preparing for our 60 day - 14,000km - complete circumnavigation of India. We are going to begin our journey in New Delhi, India on Sunday September 2nd 2012. We hope you'll follow our journey and share our adventure with your friends, family and local riding clubs. Wish us luck, India will be a real adventure and through some unique challenges at us. It should make for fantastic riding and some brilliant television making. Throughout our 60 day journey I'll be posting daily ride reports on this thread. You can also follow our journey at the links below. If you are planning your own adventure journey this summer, I wish you the best of luck; keep the rubber down.

You can follow the India Ride at: Our Dedicated WEBSITE Our Facebook PAGE Our Vimeo PAGE Ryan Pyle TV Presenter / Film Maker G219 Productions Limited www.G219productions.com