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Kathmandu - Kashgar - Kyrgyzstan overland

OtherJames Hipkiss

Hi everyone,

In 2013 I'm planning an overland adventure (by any means other than flying) from Bangalore to Birmingham. My proposed route will take me through Nepal, Tibet, Western China and then into the Stans. I've read on my travel forums that if coming from Nepal, only a 15-21 day visa will be issued for Tibet. An existing Chinese visa will be ripped up. It is my understanding the the Tibet visa can be changed to a Chinese one when leaving Tibet, but the 15-21 day rule still applies. So that means you have very little time to get out of China. However, I see a number of overland tours do this route and seem to take much longer over it. So I hoped that somebody may be able to advise me whether there is a potential way around this?

Many thanks,