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Arctic Voyage 2012

Trip ReportJames Hipkiss

David Wright is an award winning filmmaker/explorer with a particular interest in the Arctic. Having lived in Svalbard for an extended period to shoot the Emmy award winning Nat Geo film 'Realm of the Great White Bear', he now returns to guide guests through the region to educate about Arctic wildlife and the threats that now loom across the entire Arctic Ocean (climate change etc). Other recent work includes the BBCseries 'Frozen Planet'. You can see more about David's work at http://planetearthpictures.com/ We will be leading a trip from Tromso, Norway to the Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard July 22nd-Aug 28th. When possible I will blog about wildlife sightings, climate observations and adventures along the way. With luck, we will be posting updates of sightings of polar bears, whales and the many cultural sights along the voyage. You can follow the trip at http://www.adventures-in-climate-change.com/intothearctic

Or at my diary page at First leg - http://www.myexpeditionphotos.com/davidw19/heart-of-the-arctic-norway-to-greenland-via-scotland-the-faroes-and-iceland?utm_source=pageutm_medium=siteutm_campaign=sharing Second Leg- http://www.myexpeditionphotos.com/departures/GMQZDJ/home?utm_source=pageutm_medium=siteutm_campaign=sharing