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Moroccan Rally 2012

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

The Moroccan Rally 2012 is the 4th Rusty Rhinos event. The Moroccan Rally 2012 will see us head back to Morocco for a second time in our now 49 year old Land Rover but also taken on parts of the Western Sahara.

We'll be exploring a new route that will see us take on some of our previous route where we snapped our Land Rover chassis and buried the car in flamingo poo as well as heading into new territory where we will enter the disputed territory of the Western Sahara.

Our entry to the Western Sahara will be along the off road route from Assa in Morocco heading south and then west to Samara in the Western Sahara. The Mercy Corps will continue to be supported by us for their incredible work all around the world as part of this charity rally.