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Death Valley Manhaul

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

The Death Valley 2manhaul simply aims to push personal mental, physical and physiological limitations on the human body in a desert environment and under stress. The intention is to be completely self sufficient and entirely on foot throughout the arduous ~153 miles/~246 km route from North to South through the Valley itself, which is a narrow basin located 282 feet below sea level. Death Valley consists of sand dunes, jagged mountains, salt-pans, washes and canyons, and bounded on all sides by mountains which generate the notorious blistering temperatures.

The two man team will face an intimidating task given that they will both manhaul a specially fabricated wheeled desert trailer, which will each carry minimal water and provisions weighing in the region of ~441 lbs/~200 kg. Twice a day Ripley will carry out some physiological experiments, taking blood and urine samples as well as documenting his body temperature, pulse rate (or heart rate), blood pressure, and respiratory rate. It is intended to use, but not depend on, a recycling system that will purify urine.

Further information can be read here: http://www.ripleydavenport.com/deathvalley.html "