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South West Himlung Expedition 2012

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

I have put together a team of 6 climbers who on the 14th of September will depart to attempt Mount Himlung 7126m by the South West ridge.

Himlung is located in the Himlung Himal of Nepal, in the same area (roughly speaking :)) to the Manaslu massif. The mountain has had a few ascents but we believe that this will be the first British/Irish team to attemptthe South West Ridgeand if successful, could see us putting the first British woman/Irish man on the summit. We have secured sponsorship from Wayfarers Foods and the expedition is officially endorsed by the BMC. We have also had offers of help from Montane UK. Our team is comprised of 4 guys 2 girls with a whole range of mountaineering experience from just trekking to attempts on Denali.All have been to 6000m.

The team members are: Olan Parkinson, Expedition Leader Ben Reynolds Sandra McCord Justin Featherstone Claire Waterfall Jon Fuller Himlung was first climbed by a joint Nepalese/Japanese team in 1984 via the east ridge. It wasn't until 1991 that a second attempt was made via the south ridge/face by aBritish team who encountered bad conditions and unfortunately did not succeed. Another British team were to try in 1992, but they too would find the difficulties too much. Our team are going to attempt the South West ridge which is a much safer objective and given the collective experience of the team we have decided it best to place three camps (two above ABC).

The South west ridge has had several ascents by small teams inc French, Australian, Dutch mixed teams. As mentioned, this will be the first team all from the UK and including some relatively inexperienced climbers which is why we have received BMC endorsement.