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Inari Canoeing & Hiking Expedition 2012

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INSPIRE THROUGH ADVENTURE: Belgian adventurer Bert Poff and his friend Dirk Michiels will conduct a paddle-trek expedition to include canoeing Lake Inari and a hike of the surrounding area. Instead of racing from one point to the other and chase speed or other records they deliberately will make slow but steady progress to take time to truly explore many of the hidden corners and islands of the big INARI lake. Weather permitting the objective of the expedition will be circumvallating the entire Inari Lake. Lake Inari is the third largest lake in Finland and the largest lake in Spmi. It is located in the northern part of Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. The lake is 117119 meters above sea level. The freezing period normally extends from November to early June. The most well-known islands of the lake are Hautuumaasaari (Graveyard Island), which served as cemetery of ancient Sami people and Ukonkivi (Ukko's Stone), a historical sacrifice place of the ancient inhabitants of the area. There are over 3,000 islands in total. Trout, lake salmon, white fish, perch and pike are found in Lake Inari's waters. The lake covers 1,040 square kilometers. It empties northwards through the Paatsjoki at the mouth of the Varangerfjord, which is a bay of Barents Sea. Under the patronage of French photographer and director Yann Arthus-Bertrand (www.goodplanet.org), the team has two missions: - to inspire and invite people to go outdoors and explore and embrace nature. - to promote GoodPlanet and the GoodPlanet Belgium fund.

Please check out on a regular base the www.inuksuk.be website and the facebook page www.facebook.com/Bert.Poffe for updates.

eBook about our Inari Canoeing Hiking Expedition 2012, now available via: http://inuksuk.be/book.