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360Extremes Expedition

CommunityJames Hipkiss

On 1 March 2014, the 360 Extremes team will leave So Paulo, Brazil, to embark upon a round-the-world journey: not the normal way, from east-to-west, but the hard way: north to south, along the polar axis. Facing extreme weather conditions, diverse terrain and a multitude of challenges, the team will travel north to south by land in a unique and ambitious expedition, raising awareness about the massive environmental changes that are occurring in our world. The journey will begin in Sao Paulo, trekking through the mountains and the rainforests, tundra and deserts of the Americas; moving across the Arctic ice cap and the North Pole; back down south, through Siberia and Mongolia, the Himalayas and ascending Mount Everest and down to the southern hemisphere before crossing Australia, New Zealand to the Antarctic. We will return to Sao Paulo three years after departing, in March 2017, and shall be the first: To complete the polar axis circle travelling largely by land To completely traverse the North Pole, South Pole and ascend Mount Everest in one unique expedition Brazilian and US nationalsin a team to complete the polar axis circle In doing this, through hard work and determination in a massive amount of training and preparation, we shall work to transform ourselves from slightly crazy people into adventurers who will: Walk over 2000km across both the Poles, in conditions of less than -30C in summer Cycle over 800km through Gobi desert Cycle over 3,000km across Australian deserts Climb over 8,800 metres at Mount Everest and over 6,900 metres at Aconcagua in the Andes Travel through the 3,350 metre deep Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru and the 1,700 metre deep Grand Canyon in the US Trek through rain-forests in South and Central America and East Asia Travel along some of the worlds most treacherous roads, in Tibet and Bolivia Experience wind-chill factors, white-outs, crevasses, ice-falls; steep climbs through both hot and freezing conditions.