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Moon regan transantarctic crossing

OtherJames Hipkiss

I was part of this ground breaking crossing, representing Imperial College London as science partner. Primary goal was to take wheeled vehicles coast to coast and back, this was achieved using two modified Ford econoline 6 wheel drive trucks.

The additional task was to take a Bio-fuelled vehicle to the South Pole this was achieved with the Winston Wong BIV (Bio Inspired Vehicle) this was driven from Union Glacier to the South Pole using E85 bio fuel. Additional science tasksincluded heart/cortisole monitoring , Weather data collection. In 2011 I had the honor of taking the BIV to Taiwan and installing it in an environmental museum in Tianan city, lecturing to students on the expedition and getting to meet the President. I have also had the pleasure of recounting this expedition to many hundreds of school children and college students.

In November 2013 on the third anniversary of the expedition I have Installed the BIV at the RAC club in London for ten days, and have the pleasure of giving my lecture on the evening of Monday the 18th of November, to club members and guests. Additional video is on youtube, user LVADMAKER"