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Allie Dunnington, Hot Air Balloon Pilot

CommunityJames Hipkiss

I have probably by now acquired the female record in having flown in more countries of the world in a hot air balloon than any other woman.

My husband Phil holds the world-record in having flown in 102 countries, I am following with 50 now - but he has been flying for 40 years whilst I only started about 7 years ago. We have flown in all terrains including deserts, mountains, waters, savannah and jungle. Our most exotic placesare probably countries like Libya, Senegal, Lesotho, Swaziland (all places that no other balloon has ever flown in), Laos, China, Mongolia, Japan, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela (just back from filming and flying in the Lost World with famous film-maker Werner Herzog), Costa Rica, Fiji Islands, Andorra, Island, Albania, Belarus and many more. Phil has flown across the North-West passage in northern Canada with David Hempleman-Adams which was a world-record. There are many more exciting countries on our list and we have a vast number of slides and photographs to illustrate our adventures. Our next target is to drive to Geogia/Armenia with a balloon in the back to get me at least 10 more countries and Phil the only country in Europe that he still needs: which is Montenegro.

We have just completed a 5-part film series with the title:' Balloon Adventures around the World' which will be broadcasted sometime this autumn.