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Trying to Raft Around the UK Coast....advice please?

OtherJames Hipkiss


I'm hoping for some advice. I am planning to create a 'sea worthy' raft to hold 4 people and equipment, commencing work in June 2013. We want to row down the river taw in north Devon. Starting furthest inland as possible, just next to Barnstaple, coming out at the mouth of Saunton sands, from here to follow the coast west going around the point at lands end. Then head further east, along the coast. Initially we wanted to end up in Brighton.

Though I am thinking the coast guards wouldn't be to keen for us to be in some shipping lanes, so we decided to finish at lizards point.The estimated time for this from the build to finish is estimated at 3 weeks. One of our party has degree in marine engineering, and we have all participated in the Lynton and Lynmouth raft race for the last few years, involving the building of you own raft.

So I am not to worried about the stability of our raft, though will it need to checked by some authority? I also realise I probably need to talk with the North Devon coast guard. Other then that I don't know where to start. Is this even plausible? Comments below or Send A Message using the blue button above. Thanks!