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The 2014 Arrow of Time Icelandic Glacial Expedition

CommunityJames Hipkiss

Expedition Outreach, a charitable organisation founded in 1995 will be travelling to Iceland for the 2014 Arrow of Time Icelandic Glacial Expedition.The team is a group of environmentally conscious explorers athletes who educate people about the World Peace Process other worthwhile causes by taking the publicity they receive from their extreme sporting mountaineering adventures, expeditions, races events focus it on education awareness.

From broadcasting live from the summit of a previously unclimbed peak in Alaska across the nation on ABC Television to being the first to Wakeboard the Amazon River. Team EO captures the attention imaginations of our audience. A few years ago Team Leader Michael Coyne had genetic heart failure in the transition zone of a triathlon equivalent to 2 massive heart attacks had to retire from his career as a Massachusetts State Trooper. As a lifelong athlete I was devastated. Michael stated but he is now training full time for Iceland determined to come back stronger than ever: Inspiring all those who have experienced adversity in their lives. In tribute to British Astrophysicist Arthur Eddingtons concept of the one-way direction, asymmetry of time we follow the flow of water from the sky to the glaciers icefalls across Lake Jkulsrln in Iceland. Lake Jkulsrln is a beautiful glacial lake fed by Iceland's largest glacier, the Vatnajkull.

The lake is filled with icebergs that float aimlessly about until they eventually drift out to sea. Jkulsrln is the most famous glacier lagoon in Iceland. It is located at the end of Breidamerkujokull, an outlet glacier of the great Vatnajkull Glacier.Here we will circumnavigate the lake in a sea kayak. Next we will explore the Breidamerkujokull icecap, a vast dome of ice that rises to a height of 910 meters or 2985.56 feet climb to this section of the Vatnajkull glacier climbing to the high point on several of the Nunataks there.

On expedition we will be posting educational information regarding this concept broadcasting live on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1398114007116751/ "